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Guild Message of the Day - September 26th
Good work TEAM on getting Veritas the Realm First for "Team Work" again. Thanks to all those who took the time to max the skill, and all those who helped pour resources into them so that they could max the skills! Grats to Feiorai and Travatha for getting 3 of the profession realm firsts on their own. Fei for cooking, and Trav for Alchemy and Inscription I believe.

Veritas News

By: Feiorai - May 1st

New Guild Site

Guildzilla is no longer being maintained which is making it extremely difficult to continue using our lovely website. Please visit and bookmark our new site at You can register and bypass the application by using the launch code "truth" (members only!). Please get signed up and claim your characters so that we can get to chatting on the forums again!

By: Feiorai - March 15th

Into the Throne of Thunder

What can be said about it. It's very painful in there, dinosaurs, trolls, snakes, evil spirits. So begins the grind for gear again! We're doing a guild group LFR on Tuesday evenings, everyone is welcome, be there or be square!

  • Inflagrante: Why do we never get lions, tigers and bears?
  • Turaloka: I'll be seein ya's there!
By: Inflagrante - February 27th

The Sha is no longer Scary

In a surprise to the Sha, and everyone fighting him/her/it, Veritas pulled off an unexpected, "last try" win against the last of the bosses tonight and cleared this raid tier. We'll mix in some fun stuff the rest of this week and we'll try to get some new folks in on the end boss fights next week if the patch does not hit.

  • Feiorai: Woohoo! I think we should do a nice, relaxing, heroic MSV.
By: Feiorai - February 27th

The Final Countdown

We're down to the final two bosses... Grand Empress Shek'zeer and the Sha of Fear are the only foes left to defeat. We made great progress on Shek'zeer over the weekend, so hopefully we will very soon be able to claim victory over the Heart of Fear, and then the Sha of Fear not long after!

By: Feiorai - February 11th

Protectors and Tsulong Bite the Dust

We're making forward progress! The first two bosses of Terrace are under our proverbial belt. Let's keep the momentum going! Goal for next week is to clear Terrace and then get back into Heart of Fear and clear that, too. We're looking good for clearing this tier before 5.2! As always, the early part of the week is dedicated to getting people gear in Mogu'shan Vaults, so if you need gear, please try to be available on Tuesday night.

  • Giacomo: Congrats! That is awesome!
By: Feiorai - February 8th

Heroic Feng Defeated

With the advent of Patch 5.2 close at hand, we're going to be focusing our efforts on clearing this tier of raiding. Last night we took a step in that direction by getting our first heroic kill of the expansion - Heroic Feng, the second boss of Mogu'shan Vaults. We are currently 4/6 in Heart of Fear and have yet to defeat any bosses of the Terrace. The goal in the coming weeks will be to down the remaining bosses of this tier, including Amber Shaper Un'sok, Grand Empress Shek'zeer, and the four foes of the Terrace before the patch. Happy hunting!

By: Feiorai - November 13th

Raiding Season!

It's that time again, time to settle in and kill some bosses! We're currently working on Mogu'shan Vaults, and we're trying to have TWO ten-man teams go in each week! In order to do this, we need YOUR participation to fill out the ranks! If you want to raid, please be sure to sign up on the calendar. If you need help getting ready to raid, please let your guildmates know - we're happy to help however we can!

By: Inflagrante - September 30th

Realm first again for crafting

A stunningly fast victory. Many on ER are probably still in shock :-)

By: Giacomo - September 13th

Heroic Rags dead - Sinestra in the crosshairs


  • Turaloka: Congrats to all the new Firelords!!
By: Feiorai - August 31st

Congratulations Skriv and Callahann!

Two more sets of Fangs of the Father have been successfully obtained on this momentous day for a total of four sets of legendary daggers this season!

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